Welcome, noble netsurfer!

Why the asterisk? Because Sun Microsystems, Inc. does not allow third-party sites to use the word "Java" in the title. There is no such restriction for domain names, however.

The material on this site has been organized into six categories:

Intro. This page, which outlines the contents of the site. Artwork. This only has a few scattered items yet.
Applets. My growing collection of home-made Java programs. Feedback. A list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers.
Goals. A fairly extensive outline of what I want to accomplish. Links. This should be pretty much self-explanatory.
In order to protect myself from e-mail spam, I have no textual references to my address on this site -- just the graphical representation of text you see in the bottom right corner. Automated address-hunting programs are unable to read such information, but human visitors should have no problems with it.

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