Warp 1.5 graphics

This was my first attempt at creating a control panel for Warp 1.5 with the help of the raytracer application Persistence of Vision. Note the use of basically the same rounded buttons and similar level/life indicators as in the original Warp. And the slanted groove, of course, which I thought was kind of groov... uh, cool on the old control panel, but didn't quite work here.

The main problem with this whole design was that it looked far too much like just a bunch of things that had been thrown together. There was no strategy behind it.

Much better!

After I'd decided on a "cellular phone" look, the panel became a lot more clean. The functional parts filled out the area enough that there was no need for any extra details. At first I was about to scrap the little red LED in the top left corner, but as you can see on the game page I eventually put it back again.

Here is my original set of chocolate for level 2. Due to space restrictions I could only keep two basic shapes, so it would have to be the square and circular pieces. It was a shame I had to get rid of the others, because they looked really delicious and would have made the "box of chocolate" layout more realistic.