The object of this game is to guide one or more mining carts along railway tracks to pick up bags of money. A level is completed when all the bags have been collected within the available amount of time.

If a cart runs off the tracks, it will stop. If it runs into an obstacle or falls into a hole, it will crash. The game is over if all carts have crashed or become immobilized.

How to Play

The playing field consists of a grid of blocks that can be moved around with the use of holes. Touching a block located next to a hole will move it in that direction. (If there is more than one hole next to a block, nudge it in the direction you want it to move.)

This way you can rearrange the tracks to guide the carts into new paths or help them avoid crashing or falling into holes.

Selecting Play in the main menu will take you to a level selection screen. With the exception of the first three, a level will only become accessible after you have successfully completed the one before it.


Your performance will be graded as OK, Good or Great depending on how long it takes you to complete a level. A timer keeps counting down and if it runs out completely you will have failed.

Play Online

A version of this game that you can play in a web browser on your computer is available here:

It also comes with a level editor. Feel free to try out your own designs.


Written and designed by Karl Hörnell
© Eweguo AB 2012