Here is a list of downloadable files corresponding to (some of) my freeware Java applets. For historical reasons the earlier files are GNU zipped (.gz) and tape archived (.tar) collections of all the files and documents needed for installing the applet. The newest files are Windows-style zipped (.zip).

Either way there should be no problem. The modern popular decompression tools, WinZip or StuffIt Expander, can handle both formats. Just make sure you download the files properly. Windows Netscape sometimes corrupts files by incorrectly asumming they are plain text and inserts extra Carriage Return characters when transfering from a UNIX system to a PC.

Want the source code? Since it's not necessary for the installation, I haven't bothered to include it in the downloadable packages for the later applets. You will have to go to the corresponding Ingredients page instead.

Solitaire, 4 kilobytes
Rubik Unbound, 10 kilobytes
A Light Snack, 8 kilobytes
Iceblox, 15 kilobytes
Warp, 86 kilobytes
Don's Dugout, 41 kilobytes
Urbanoids, 319 kilobytes
Rainbow Notes, 18 kilobytes
15 Puzzle, 14 kilobytes
Cluster, 56 kilobytes
Iceblox Plus, 72 kilobytes
Sudoku Spoiler, 11 kilobytes
Rail Shuffle, 2.1 megabytes

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