The by far most unimaginative thing to do on the WWW is to set up a page with lists of links. Unless the lists are really outstanding, they add nothing of value and serve only to confuse people who regularly use search engines to find what they want. Instead of the sites of interest, they get hundreds of pages with link lists -- of which the majority just point to other pages with link lists.

So does that mean I'll be trying something new and different on this page? Nope. I just wanted to make it clear that I'm aware of the problem. Now let's get on with it ...

Mandatory Java links

Other Java game developers
  • has a wide variety of mobile phone games written by Mikael Tillander.
  • Spogg is a complete multi-player Java game community created from scratch by Viktor Lidholt and Ville Hansson. Non-violent games only.
Emulation sites and software