Black Jack

By Karl Hörnell, May 2000
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If you are visiting this page, I assume you already know the rules of Black Jack. The following details are specific to this version of the game:

In the top right corner (1) the latest bet is shown. This is the default amount you will bet if you just click "Deal".

Your cards (4) and the dealer's (2) are both accompanied by counters that keep track of the sum. Right above your cards is your current bet (3). Placing a particular bet is done with the chip icons (5). Click to add, drag to subtract.

Game-related messages, like "Dealer wins", appear as speech balloons (6) in the top left corner.

Your winnings (7) show up right above the corresponding bet. In case of a split, the active hand is denoted by a little white arrow (8).The status bar (9) shows your balance and latest winnings.

Finally, the control buttons (10) are what you use to play the game. The capitalized letters show which keys to press if you prefer using the keyboard. For example, hit D to "Deal" and B to "douBle".