This is a list of the more significant applets I've written since I started hacking Java in February 1996. I felt the need to group them into three basic categories depending on how they came about. There are those written just for fun, there are custom-made ones and, finally, those that have not yet been finished. The further down in each category, the newer the applet.

Last modified September 28, 2012. Added a demo version of my iPhone/iPad game Multiplayer Speedoku.

Written for fun

Solitaire - a marble solitaire game. I made this after less than a week's experience of Java, but it still doesn't look entirely amateurish.
Rubik Unbound - Rubik's Cube in full 3D. Very tricky to make. Inspired by Sun's rotatable wireframe cube demo applet and Michael Schubart's early Rubik's Cube version. (An interesting modification of this applet was recently created by Lars Petrus to be used for educational purposes on his Solving Rubik's Cube for Speed page.)
A Light Snack - the fly-eating frog decoration on my main page. This was a test of threads and animation.
Iceblox - my first "real" computer game in Java. I stole most of the ideas from a popular early eighties arcade game called "Pengo". Fairly enjoyable, though somewhat sluggish.
Blue Notes - a Java melody editor. It's nowhere near as powerful as today's average commercial software, but I hadn't seen anyone else doing this with Java before, so I decided to give it a try.
Warp - an action game that would have been typical of the late eighties. You don't need intelligence to play this, and it won't help. It's tough (especially on sluggish Sun machines) but try to get to at least the second level, so you can catch a glimpse of the bazooka birds. On level four you'll find out what I think about all those Tetris clones that are currently flooding the web ...
Don's Dugout - the classic game Dig Dug, respectlessly adapted to the '90s. Fans of Iceblox will probably dig this one too.
3D-Blox - a sequel to Iceblox. Totally 3D, but with a slightly different gameplay. It has some puzzle-like elements. Help the penguin collect the golden coins and unlock the door to the next level. Key-activated crystal blocks will give you access to places you otherwise couldn't reach.
Rainbow Notes - a polyphonic melody editor. This is an improvement over Blue Notes in quite a few ways. Create melodies and custom sound shapes and include the results in your own applets at minimal storage cost and relatively short download time.
Cross Section - a platform game with a twist. Some people may recognize this as inspired by the semi-classic Nebulus from 1987.
Warp 1.5 - an improved version of my game Warp. This game has the look and feel I originally wanted to create. If the graphics on level 1 don't make you drool, those on level 2 will.
Urbanoids - a 4-way scrolling arcade adventure and part strategy game. Now it includes an extra version for some Windows browsers with defective graphics routines that used to mess up the background.
15 Puzzle - everybody has written one, so why shouldn't I? Though not exactly a technological breakthrough, this auto-solving version is pretty good for something that's been done to death.
PalmOS Iceblox - not exactly an applet, but a "spotlet" that runs on the KVM available for PalmOS handheld devices. The game now also has a web version - a Java applet that emulates the PalmOS Iceblox, which in turn is meant to duplicate the original Java applet Iceblox, based on the old arcade classic Pengo. Kind of geeky when you think about it.
MIDP-Man - again, not exactly an applet. A Pac-Man clone built as a "MIDlet" that runs on devices that support the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). Like PalmOS Iceblox it comes with a web version you can play in your browser. Also included are a few good reasons to avoid developing MIDP applications for now.
PalmOS Warp 0.5 - another spotlet for the PalmOS KVM. This time it is my "classic" Warp that comes to life in a slightly downsized incarnation. Like PalmOS Iceblox it includes a web-based demo applet.
Cluster - a 3D tic-tac-toe applet with slightly different rules, to make it more interesting. Play against the computer.
iBlox - Iceblox for i-mode. This applet shows what a so-called "iAppli" version of Iceblox I put together looks like on a Japanese 503i series cell phone.
Mophun Iceblox - yet another port of Iceblox to a mobile platform. This time it's for the new mophun standard, that will be supported by SonyEricsson phones starting from the 4th quarter of 2002. This applet is a down-to-the-last-pixel accurate representation of what it will look like.
Iceblox for Nokia phones - as if there weren't enough of them, one more mobile Iceblox version. This one supposedly runs on Nokia 3410 and 6310i phones. As usual I have included a simulation of it in the form of a Java applet.
Warp 0.5 for Nokia phones - another game I've ported to the Java-compatible Nokia 3410 and 6310i models.
Iceblox Plus - Iceblox gets a visual upgrade and is ported to a lot of mobile platforms. It's an ongoing project, where I intend to spread the game to as many different environments as I possibly can.
Graviton - a metal ball rolling through a labyrinth. Everyone should be familiar with this game. Now available for certain cell phone models.
Mobile Poker Trainer - my Texas Hold'em Poker game is now available for a wide range of cell phones.
Sudoku Spoiler - a program that takes all the fun out of Sudoku puzzles. Just type in the clue numbers and click on "Solve."
Ms. MIDP-Man - a sequel to my "MIDP-Man" game for mobile phones. Available only as a do-it-yourself assembly kit.
ChocoBan - a game originally built for the iPhone and iPod Touch, now ported to a few Mobile Java phones. Source code and graphics included.
Rail Shuffle - a puzzle game that requires quick thinking. Re-arrange a railway track to make the carts pick up money bags. Developed for the iPad and presented here as a Java applet.
Multiplayer Speedoku - play sudoku with up to four people on the same board at the same time. Insanely stressful!


Autocrazy - a puzzle-type game where you have to get your car out of the parking lot within a limited number of moves. It's not my usual type of game. I originally wrote this on request for a software company, but they left and never paid me for it, so I might as well include it here with the rest of my applets. Now it's sold, however, but to a different company. (Note: This game was formerly known as "Car Jam". Look for details on the documentation pages.)
Adios, Amoebas! - a generic and somewhat technically primitive action game. Crush and shoot amoebas on an ever-changing playing field.
Tube - a maze game somewhat reminiscent of an arcade classic. The customer wanted it to be relatively simple, so don't blame me.
Matchstick Puzzle - a small and simple customizable matchstick problem applet I developed for the company Bits and Pieces, to be used in their Puzzle Arcade section. It took me about ten hours of work, including planning and documentation.
Tour de Applet - a rather unrealistic bike action game developed for the 1999 Tour de France site.
JayZee's Maze - a simple labyrinth game, written for the kids' site JayZeeBear's Green Forest.
Black Jack - the popular card game. needed a new product besides the Texas Hold'em I'm developing. This became the result. The specialized version I'm keeping on my site requires no ID number or password. It's also slightly faster, because it doesn't communicate with any server.
The Corporate Ladder - a primitive little game built to teach the middle management of a client company some of their goals for the year 2000. Basically, you walk up to the top of a building and answer a bunch of multiple-choice questions on the way.
YALi - a modern board game, invented by Claus A. Harttung and sold worldwide by Jumbo International. This Java version was developed under license for the game site Bits & Pieces.
Radiopatrullen - a car game developed as part of an ad campaign for a Swedish radio network and a car rental agency. I've put off including it on this page, because it isn't all that fun to play. The controls became too difficult.
Texas Hold'em Poker - a multiplayer poker game I developed for the poker site PokerRoom.
Mobile Fruit Slots - an online slot machine for cell phones, connecting to the casino section of PokerRoom.

Not yet finished

Dungeon Dregs - a little game I decided to let other people finish, if they feel like it. It has a functional game engine, but all the graphics are just temporary sketches.
Unnamed Pyramid Game - a possible future game for gambling websites. It is far from finished and I have put a piece of it here as part of an evaluation process, to get some player feedback.

Copying and borrowing

A lot of people have been asking me for permission to copy my applets to their own pages. To save some time, I'll give my standard response below.

You can copy whatever product you want from here (with the exception of the games marked "SOLD", which I no longer own) as long as you make sure to include my name and a link to my site. The applets and other programs are freeware, meaning they don't cost anything to use, but my copyright still applies. If you intend to use anything for commercial purposes (books, CDs, sponsored sites, etc.) I would like to be notified in advance.

Please note that I don't have enough spare time to teach people the basics of downloading and installing Java applets. And don't ask for emailed copies of my creations. Such requests will be turned down. Apart from each applet having a list of ingredients (including source code), I've set up a perfectly good download page you can get what you need from.