Click on the "screen" to direct keyboard input to the applet before you start playing.

Mophun Iceblox

June 29, 2002.

mophun is described by its creators as "a software based gaming console for mobile terminals." It has some conceptual similarities to Java, like running programs in a virtual machine rather than directly on the device, so that they can become platform-independent.

However, unlike the Java version for mobile devices, mophun was designed specifically for game development. The hot new features that will hopefully be part of the next generation of mobile Java are already available in mophun. That includes sprites, multiple transparent tile layers, socket connections and sound. mophun-enabled phones will be available in the 4th quarter of 2002, but you can already download development tools for free from

At the moment all development has to be done in C/C++, but I put together a little class library that makes it relatively easy to port mophun games into Java. To the left is my first game, yet another Iceblox version. I've spiced it up a little and added more dangerous flames on higher levels.