Mophun Iceblox: Ingredients

This game was really rushed. As a result, my programming got a bit sloppy and disorganized. These days I let the mophun resource compiler "morc" do more of the work and try to avoid low-level file manipulation.

The graphics data, in browser-friendly form, looks like this:

icelogo.gif, the logo
bloxsprite.gif, the mobile objects
bloxtile.gif, the background building blocks

But it is imported in "raw" pixel form, where each pixel is represented by one byte, according to the standard 256-color mophun palette (black=0, dark blue=1, ... , white=255).

The logo is compressed by the resource compiler, whereas the other two are imported directly. Then there is a font data file that I just borrowed from the mophun tutorials (and added an "ö") to get something that worked.

Total set of necessary files: