Iceblox for Nokia phones

September 6, 2002.

Against my better judgement I decided to break the holy rule of Java and build something platform-specific. Everyone else seems to be doing it these days. Sun's original J2ME standard for handheld devices is worthless for game development and phone manufacturers like Siemens and Nokia simply gave up on it and created their own (incompatible) Java versions instead of waiting, endlessly, for the official revised J2ME 2.0.

This game was built exclusively for the Nokia 3410 and 6310i models. It assumes a black-and-white display with a resolution of 96x65 pixels, plus an implementation of the libraries.

On the left is a simulated version of the game, in the form of a Java applet. Click on the "screen" to direct keyboard input to the game before you start playing. The right-hand command button corresponds to the "Enter" key.