Warp 0.5 for Nokia phones

September 26, 2002.
Last modified October 15.

After porting Iceblox to low-end Java-compatible Nokia cell phones, I figured the micro edition of Warp I once made for PalmOS devices was due next.

While my cell phone Iceblox worked reasonably well on a small screen because I made the background scroll, the Warp 0.5 concept already had a scrolling background and couldn't gain any similar extra space. So it ended up feeling a bit cramped, although still quite playable.

This game was built exclusively for the Nokia 3410 and 6310i models. It assumes a black-and-white display with a resolution of 96x65 pixels, plus an implementation of the com.nokia.mid libraries. The downloadable version on the Technical Stuff page is only a one-level demo, because I want to at least try to make some money on this.

On the left is a simulated version of the game, in the form of a Java applet. Click on the "screen" to direct keyboard input to the game before you start playing. The left-hand command button corresponds to the "Space" key. You move sideways with the cursor keys and press "up" to fire.