Warp 0.5 for Nokia: Technical stuff

I used the basically the same principles as when building Iceblox for Nokia Phones. The demonstration applet works with the same MIDlet simulator code library.

And just like that game, this one will probably work on a Nokia 3410 or 6310i, provided you bought it or updated the firmware recently. The necessary files can be downloaded here:

and they will also work in the default emulator that comes with the Nokia Developer's Suite (available for free from Nokia after registration). If it doesn't work, check if the .jad file has been corrupted during the download, by opening it in a text editor. Depending on what browser you are using, the line feeds may get messed up.

The source code, if you are interested: warpdemo.java.

The graphics data comes in five binary files

  • statics.bit -- basically the tiles that make up the background
  • mobiles.bit and masks.bit -- mobile objects and their transparency masks
  • chardata.bit and charmask.bit -- custom font data and transparency mask
which can be extracted from the .jar package.