Unnamed Pyramid Game

April 13, 2004

This game is meant for people who don't bother to read instructions, so I'm only going to explain a bare minimum about how it works here. That's part of the beta testing. If the game isn't intuitive enough, that means I've failed and need to improve it. (The full version of the game lets you play against real people, but since I'm not allowed to run multi-player games on my own site, all your opponents are computer-controlled in this version and thrown in randomly at regular intervals.)

It's all about rock-scissors-paper duels. In short, you can enter the pyramid on any of the lowest three levels. The bottom one costs $5, the second $10 and the third $20. Your characters are white, everyone else's are red. The winner of a duel gets the other player's money and moves up one level. (Basically you double your entry fee each time you win.) And you are also given the choice to either keep going or cash out -- at which point the "house" charges 2% of your winnings as an administrative fee. Clicking on any of the characters brings up information about the player's name and other things, if available.