Rubik Unbound

March 11, 1996. Last modified November 22, 2009.

This is yet another Java implementation of the classical Rubik's Cube. I tried to make the user interface as simple and obvious as possible. You should be able to figure out how it works. Twist or rotate by pointing and dragging in "natural" directions.

Press s to scramble and r to restore (while positioning the mouse cursor somewhere in the applet region). Note that it's not possible to twist the middle segments. That would have interfered too much with the plain rotation.

An optional parameter, "bgcolor", has been added. If used, it takes as input a background color as a hexadecimal RGB value, e.g. "25003f" for deep purple. Default is ordinary light gray.

More than 13 years after this project, I built a similar cube for the iPhone. Not as a standard application, but as a web app -- out of JavaScript and WebKit style extensions -- just to see if it could be done. And it could. The following link won't work in a browser, but it should run fine on your iPhone or iPod Touch: