Mobile Fruit Slots

December 4, 2004.

As promised on my Mobile Poker Trainer page, the gambling site now has a fully functional mobile online slot machine game. To the left is a roughly emulated version of what it looks like on a SonyEricsson K500i phone. (Here SPACE and the cursor keys control the joystick. Click on the phone buttons for the rest.)

Also available are versions for the SonyEricsson K700i, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6820, Motorola V600 and Motorola V220 (and any model compatible with them). These connect to a server program using the "socket" connection that comes with the MIDP 2.0 Java standard (and is unofficially supported on the MIDP 1.0 Nokia 6820).

Anyone with a supported phone and a PokerRoom account can download the game for free, either manually or by SMS/WAP.