Warp 0.5 for PalmOS

January 12, 2001.

I think most people who have struggled with the hopeless Java for PalmOS will agree that this game is pretty impressive, given the circumstances. The "real" version requires either a handheld device with PalmOS or an emulator. In addition, you need the KVM and KVM Utility files that enable you to run Java in PalmOS. If you don't already have them installed, download them from those links or get the full J2ME CLDC package from Sun. Then you can download the Palm application file Warp.prc here.

The demo version on the left is a regular Java program which runs as part of the mock-up Palm applet I built to demonstrate PalmOS Iceblox earlier. The Warp icon is in the bottom right corner. Just for fun I kept the PalmOS Iceblox demo in there as well. Click on the icon to start the game. The screen is scrolling horizontally and in the demo you move up or down with the cursor keys. All other keys work as fire buttons.

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