Iceblox for PalmOS

November 4, 2000.
Last modified November 13.

The "real" version of this game requires either a handheld device with PalmOS or an emulator. In addition, you need the KVM and KVM Utility files that enable you to run Java in PalmOS. If you don't already have them installed, download them from those links or get the full J2ME CLDC package from Sun. Then you can download the Palm application file Iceblox.prc here.

If you don't own a Palm, or want to see the game in action before downloading and synching it, you can play it in the applet on the left. Just click on the Iceblox icon. I built it to look and feel nearly identical to the Palm version, except you control the penguin with the cursor keys.

I have tested the game on an actual Palm Vx as well as in PalmOS emulators for Windows and Macintosh. It seems to work, except that the flames don't show up in emulators using PalmOS 3.3. I don't know whether this is also true for real devices.

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