ChocoBan: Technical stuff

No real 3D techniques were involved when creating this game. Both the backgrounds and the mobile objects consist of three layers, drawn in a specific order. First there is the bottom background layer (1), which includes the ground and the wall shadows. On top of that are the shadows of the mobile objects (2). Then there is the middle background layer (3), which includes the wall sides and the chocolate piece holes. Then the bottom parts of the mobile objects (4). On top of that I draw the final background layer (5), followed by the top parts of the mobile objects (6).

Combine them all together and you get an almost 3D-like effect. (The final view also has "soft key" icons in the bottom corners.)

The game levels are defined by text files, named level0.txt to level23.txt. For example, level 2 (level1.txt) looks like this:

It's a little more complicated than the "standard" Soko-Ban level definitions, which look like this, but I had more block types to work with, as well as two different types of holes.

  • 0 and 1: Floor and wall. The area must be filled out with ones to form a rectangle.
  • r: The position where the rabbit starts.
  • o and x: Non-covered round and square holes.
  • a to l: Chocolates of type 1 to 12. Odd ones are round, even ones square (see here).
  • A to L: Chocolates standing on non-matching holes.
  • M to X: Chocolates standing on matching holes.
There should be no line feed at the end of the last line of text.