iBlox: Ingredients

In order to run the game in an emulator, you either need to download the files

iblox.jar and

or you can start the emulator and enter the URL


I'm not going to provide a web page to run the game from for the sake of those who happen to own a 503i phone. This site isn't particularly surf-friendly for i-mode devices anyway.

Here is the source code:


People who want to make modifications to the game should note that there are 20 tiny GIF images, titled ib0.gif through ib19.gif, as well as four MLD files, titled snd0.mld through snd3.mld, which have to be included with the compiled and preverified class files (don't forget to optimize the program with the compiler flag -g:none or it might get too big). They can be easily extracted from the .jar file.