Mobile Poker: Technical stuff

I built the first version of the Mobile Poker Trainer for the (probably) most common platform out there: the Nokia Series 40 phones, with a 128x128-pixel color display and the Nokia UI libraries. It's the one you can see on the main page, running on an almost-emulated Nokia 6100. But in order to reach enough people, the game had to be ported to a lot of other platforms. Below are some screenshots.

In reading order: Nokia Series 60 (with MIDP 1.0), SonyEricsson P800, Nokia Series 30 B/W, Nokia Series 30 color, Nokia Series 40, Siemens B/W, Siemens color (101x80 display). All of these I have tested on actual phones and made sure that they work, but there are several versions for which I only had access to phone emulators, and sometimes not even that. Hopefully people will start giving feedback if there is a problem.

The Artificial Intelligence, if you can call it that, is basically an implementation of a set of rules, such as "Always raise before the Flop if your pocket cards are a pair of Jacks or better", or "From the Flop and on, check or call if you have a medium pair". A bit of randomness is then thrown in to make things more interesting. But the automated players have no memory and won't be able to adjust their playing strategy against for example a frequent bluffer. Still, they put up a suprisingly good fight.