Ms. MIDP-Man: Ingredients

The zip archive contains the following files:

  • main MIDlet class
  • where all the action is
  • holds info about mobile object
  • a Thread that handles sound
  • tiles.raw: tile graphics data, one byte per pixel, no color
  • logo.png: a simple logo, shown during start-up
  • charset.png: the "font" used in the game
  • sprites.png: all the mobile characters
  • icon.png: suggested game icon
  • sound0.mid: the start-a-new-game melody
  • sound1.wav: death sound
  • sound2.wav: eaten ghost
  • sound3.wav: eaten fruit
  • maze1.dat - maze4.dat: the mazes

The Maze Editor

Below is a scaled-down screenshot of the editor running on a Mac. In the top right corner are the building blocks you work with, and the big section holds the maze. At the bottom you have "Load", "Save" and "Clear" buttons, as well as text fields where you can fill in the (hexadecimal) color codes for the maze.

The building block and maze sections each have a cursor that you can place by clicking the mouse. The maze cursor can also be moved using the cursor keys. To draw a building block, press SPACE.

Two areas are off-limits and enclosed by gray rectangles -- the ghost house with surroundings and the spot where Ms. MIDP-Man is to appear. You are not allowed to modify those. Also, there can be no vertical wraparound tunnels, only horizontal ones. And there must always be a corresponding tunnel on the opposite side of the screen, of course.

One block you won't see when the game is up and running is the red "dotty" one. It should mark the start of a tunnel. The ghosts will move more slowly on it, so if you want to you can use it to create local "slow zones" where Ms. MIDP-Man can outrun her followers.

The zip archive contains the two files you need -- PacEditor.class and the graphics data bigtiles.gif. To start it, just type java PacEditor from the command prompt in the directory where you keep these files.