Cross Section: Guide to level 1

The first level shouldn't be all that difficult. I've deliberately made it easy in order to get more people hooked on the game. Still, some of the playing tricks might need to be explained to beginners. This is how to play it.

  1. Just keep walking right until you get to the spiders. Wait for the right moment and then run past them.
  2. The easiest way to get onto the vertically moving ledge is to wait until it's below you and then walk straight out into the air and land on it.
  3. Ride it all the way up and step off when the ledge is at its highest. Wait until the spider is out of the way and then continue.
  4. Keep walking left. A fall this short won't hurt you.
  5. Press the "I" key when you are standing on the transportation ledge and it will take you up to the floor above.
  6. Getting on and off this moving ledge requires a bit more timing than the last one. Make use of long jumps ("U" and "O") if that feels safer.
  7. A couple of well-placed long jumps are necessary to get you over the gaps.
  8. Stop by at the highest step. When the smiley passes below you to the left, walk out and land on that floor. Keep walking (Hurry!) and finish with a long jump onto the next ledge. Then you will be out of the smiley's reach.
  9. An additional couple of long jumps brings you up to the next transportation ledge. Press the "I" key to ride it to the floor above and then walk the rest of the way.
As you can see, some of the fruits aren't covered by this route. Make detours and pick them up if you think you have enough time.