Iceblox Plus: Supported devices

Here is a list of mobile phones I've ported Iceblox Plus to, with screenshots.

The Sony Ericsson T300 is the platform the game was originally built for. I designed everything with this screen size in mind.

The Nokia 40 series phones, such as the 7210, 6610, 5100 or 6100 were next. I had experimented a little with a 7210 emulator from Nokia's website and it seemed relatively easy to port the game to this platform. All the building blocks and mobile objects are identical, but I drew a bigger logo.

The recent color-display Nokia 30 series phones, like the 3510i and 3520, were slightly more awkward, as their screens were too small for the original graphics set. I needed to re-draw everything at roughly 75% the size.

The Nokia 60 series phones like the 7650 or 3650 on the other hand, had a display size that completely dwarfed the original graphics. I decided to draw a completely new set, 50% bigger.

The Sharp GX10 has a display size that falls somewhere between the Nokia 40 and 60 series. It seemed appropriate to use the larger graphics set here.

The Siemens S55, as far as the display goes, is pretty much identical to the Sony Ericsson T300. Same size, same palette. The graphics look slightly different here because the emulator fades all colors to better mimic an actual device. The text is a little too big, but this is the smallest one on that phone.

The Sony Ericsson T610 uses the same game engine as the T300 but has a much bigger screen. I recycled most of the code from the original version and combined it with the graphics from the one for the Nokia 7650.

Porting the game to the Commodore 64 was a challenge. Everything had to be redesigned to accommodate the limitations of the platform. And it had to be programmed in 6502 assembly language. Get the source code for the project here: