Warp: Ingredients

Warp needs ten graphics files - one for each level and one that holds the parts that make up the control panel and the things that remain constant at each level, like explosions. They are named warp0.gif through warp9.gif and can be found in the current directory. The game also needs sounds. KA-PEOOO!, CRASH! and BING! come in individual audio files named warpsnd0.au, warpsnd1.au and warpsnd2.au.

And let's not forget the class file warp.class.

Warp takes a custom background color input parameter. Having the standard gray color around the corners won't look right on all pages. To change it, insert

<param name="bgcolor" value="rrggbb">
between the APPLET tags, where rrggbb is the hexadecimal value of the desired background color.

Source code: warp.java.