Rainbow Notes: Ingredients

Rainbow notes needs two class files to work: rainbow.class and ActiveCanvas.class. The former is the applet itself and the latter is a help class which handles user input to the curve drawing areas.

It also needs some image data for the notes and stuff: notes.gif.

The ready-made melody files are daisy.txt, mcdonald.txt, bosn.txt willow.txt (yes, they look a little weird but they make perfect sense to the applet). To make them accessible from the Load menu, insert an applet parameter for each one like this:

<param name="file1" value="daisy.txt">
<param name="file2" value="mcdonald.txt">
<param name="file3" value="bosn.txt">
<param name="file4" value="willow.txt">
The first, "file1", will be the default melody when the applet starts. To make the applet use proper titles for the files, insert corresponding applet parameters like this:
<param name="title1" value="Daisy, Daisy">
<param name="title2" value="Old Macdonald">
<param name="title3" value="The Bos'n Rag">
<param name="title4" value="Weeping Willow">
The same principle applies to whatever melodies you create yourself.

Source code: rainbow.java.